O'Melveny Adds Value to Clients Through Innovative Online CLE Training Program

May 03, 2010


Piper Hall
O'Melveny & Myers LLP

Zachary S. McGee
New Media Legal Publishing, Inc.


WASHINGTON, DC -- MAY 3, 2010 -- O’Melveny & Myers LLP is leading the way in client service by offering an innovative new online CLE training program to its attorneys and clients. Under a license from New Media Legal Publishing, all of O’Melveny’s litigators and clients have unlimited access to the video on demand.  Clients can access these videos online at no charge.


O’Melveny will use its New Media Legal Publishing website to share with clients its own CLE and training videos on topics presented by O’Melveny attorneys and invited guest speakers.  Currently, O’Melveny clients can view presentations on topics such as legal ethics and the prevention of substance abuse and earn CLE credit in these “hard to get” CLE-qualified areas. Current topics include:


•           Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules

•           Addiction - An Equal Opportunity "Destroyer"

•           Current Issues in Legal Ethics

•           Lawyers, Persuasion, and the Limits of Logic

•           Speaking with Credibility and Confidence

•           Improving Your Speaking Skills


“O’Melveny & Myers is laser focused on delivering beneficial and cost-efficient services that create value for clients and we are pleased to offer this new program that fulfills both objectives,” said Ian Simmons, East Coast Head of Training and a member of the Firm’s Working Group on Efficiency. “Although O'Melveny has for some time been creating and offering in-house CLE and training video programs to our attorneys, our new site, developed in conjunction with New Media Legal Publishing, allows the Firm for the first time to make CLE content available at no cost to our clients in a secure, easy to use, online environment.”  


In addition to offering value at no additional cost, the new platform gives O’Melveny’s clients the capability to watch the training videos from the comfort of their homes or offices in an online environment that is branded exclusively to the Firm. Users can access the videos whenever they have time, and wherever they are, including on video-enabled mobile devices.


“Clients expect their law firms to continue to innovate, especially when times are tough and O’Melveny is doing just that with this service,” said Zachary S. McGee, President, New Media Legal Publishing. “O’Melveny realizes that while working hard to reduce overhead, law firms shouldn’t miss out on opportunities to get a lot by spending a little, because if you can’t find ways to add value for your clients without passing those costs along to them, your competitors will.”  


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