O’Melveny Named an Entertainment and Media Group of the Year by Law360

January 28, 2015



Amber Burke
O'Melveny & Myers LLP

CENTURY CITY, CA -- JANUARY 28, 2015 -- O’Melveny & Myers' Entertainment, Sports, and Media Practice has been recognized as one of the top entertainment and media groups of 2014 by Law360. “O’Melveny…now has more than a century of experience representing entertainment clients, starting with motion picture studios and encompassing television, music, digital and media companies” and “has continued to stand at the forefront of the ever-evolving sector,” the publication wrote in a January 28, 2015, article about the practice.

The profile notes that the Firm “went to the mat to help media heavyweights…battle for essential content rights in 2014” and highlights litigation victories such as the successful conclusion to long-running litigation to secure the rights to Superman for Warner Bros. and subsidiary DC Comics. Last year the US Supreme Court upheld the Firm’s Ninth Circuit win in the second of two cases (the first also resolved successfully by O’Melveny) brought by the heirs of co-creator Joseph Shuster, finding that Shuster’s siblings had waived the family's right to use the termination provisions of the Copyright Act.

Partner Daniel Petrocelli, who heads the group’s trial and litigation practice, told Law360 that the group expects to take on more copyright termination cases. “It’s a relatively new set of laws on the books. ... It’s cutting-edge material, and it requires a real studied analysis and in-depth understanding in order to take on some of these cases,” he said, adding that the claims “raise numerous thorny issues having to do with work for hire, with derivative works, and with the intersection of copyright and contract law.”

Law360 also noted the group’s strength in transactions that drive the purchase, sale, production and distribution of entertainment content. Transactional co-head Stephen Scharf told Law360 that the Firm’s work for Beijing-based film production company Huayi Brothers in its creation of a new US film company is just one example of O’Melveny’s strong position in the fast-growing Chinese entertainment sector.

Fellow transactional co-head Bruce Tobey added that O’Melveny’s knowledge and experience in content spans multiple geographies and companies in the sector, from legacy media to digital distribution. “From our perspective, things change, but the constant is our place in the industry,” he said. “We adapt to [change], we respond to it, and people look to us for help as they figure out how to navigate through change.”

About O'Melveny's Entertainment, Sports and Media Practice
For nearly 100 years, O’Melveny has represented motion picture studios; television, music, digital and new media companies; professional sports teams (and their owners); financial institutions; strategic investors; and individual talent on groundbreaking and significant industry transactions and disputes. With the increasing convergence of the computer hardware and software, telecommunications, consumer electronics, entertainment, and media industries, O’Melveny’s team of approximately 50 litigators and dealmakers is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate the changing world of entertainment, sports, and media.

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