O’Melveny’s Nicksin Honored for Pro Bono Efforts in Environmental Case

February 11, 2011




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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ─ FEBRUARY 11, 2011 ─ O’Melveny & Myers LLP counsel Bob Nicksin, along with former O’Melveny partner Brian Currey, was awarded California Trout’s 2010 Streamkeeper Award for “exceptional effort in furthering California Trout’s mission.”


Both Nicksin and Currey aided California Trout pro bono in Casitas Municipal Water District v. US. In the case, which is awaiting another decision from the Federal Court of Claims, Casitas Municipal Water District argued that the federal government owed it compensation for the water used to protect fish species’ survival.


In December 2008, Nicksin and Currey filed an amicus brief in the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit requesting a rehearing of the appellate court's decision regarding a summary judgment motion, which proved unsuccessful. Since the decision of the appellate court amounted to a denial of the US’s summary judgment motion, the case was then tried last year without O’Melveny involvement and a decision of the trial court is pending. 


The outcome of the case could have large national implications if the government is required to pay water districts for the water sent downstream to protect endangered species.  Although then-Solicitor General and current Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was approached by California Trout and others requesting the filing of a petition for review, her office declined.  Many court watchers believe that, regardless of the trial court's decision, the case could wind up before the US Supreme Court.


“Bob and Brian’s contributions enabled CalTrout to speak for Californians, anglers, and other conservationists in this crucial matter on the national stage. Their professional and enthusiastic work is deeply appreciated,” said a statement by Jeff Thompson, California Trout’s executive director.


Nicksin was recognized at an awards dinner on February 10, 2011.


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