Holocaust Reparations Work

We assisted Holocaust survivors in obtaining reparations from the German government, and partnered with Bet Tzedek to launch and sustain this national project in various cities.

In Los Angeles and New York, we led the effort to coordinate the work of dozens of firms providing representation to thousands of survivors applying for funds under a program known as “ZRBG,” a monthly pension for work they had performed while detained in the Nazi-era ghettos. Recent German court decisions have broadened the ZRBG program, making more survivors eligible for additional funds. Many survivors are also receiving retroactive reparations payments of tens of thousands of dollars, which is very meaningful, especially considering that 25% of survivors live below the poverty line. While our primary goal is to obtain reparations for the survivors, our lawyers have been enriched immeasurably by hearing the histories and stories of our clients, learning the incredible lessons they have to teach.