Hydraulic Fracturing Developments

七月 6, 2017

O’Melveny attorneys Eric Rothenberg, John D. Renneisen, Brian Kenyon, Jesse Glickstein, Kathryn E. Turner, and Matthew Lavigueur recently authored an article in Pratt's Energy Law Report, Vol. 17, No. 7, titled “Hydraulic Fracturing Developments.” Below is an excerpt of the full article. 

This quarterly update includes Trump administration action affecting oil/gas operations, as well as challenges to federal assessments of potential environmental impacts of offshore fracking and other oil and gas operations. In the states, we note new disclosure requirements in New York for injection fluids; the rejection of plaintiff verdicts in fracking nuisance claims; and a new statewide ban on fracking operations in Maryland. We also discuss new findings in the effort to connect hydraulic fracturing and seismic activity, as well as fracking developments abroad. In many instances, we carry forward text from our prior information updates in order to provide context, although we encourage readers to refer to previous installments for a more in-depth analysis.