6 Ways the Sustainability Movement Will Affect Your Company

December 19, 2012
The global sustainability movement, with its strong constituency and sophisticated advocacy at both local and global levels, is a growing phenomenon, with far-reaching implications for businesses everywhere. Not only has the green movement been successful at driving public policy at the government level (from the top down), but increasingly, the sustainability movement has emerged as a powerful grassroots driver (from the bottom up). Its impact is manifest in consumer preferences for renewable power and sustainable choices, which in turn has an impact on corporate policy and affects investor demand. Ultimately, the sustainability movement will affect everyone along the value chain. In one form or another, sustainability will factor into the relationships among consumers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, employees, and corporate decision-makers.

O’Melveny’s Junaid Chida has authored an article, recently published by Corporate Counsel magazine, which details the ways in which the sustainability movement will affect the different stakeholders along the corporate spectrum, which can be found here.