A Field Guide to Channeling Injunctions and Litigation Trusts

July 16, 2018

O’Melveny lawyers Gary Svirsky, Tanc Schiavoni, Andrew Sorkin, and Gerard Savaresse co-authored, “A Field Guide to Channeling Injunctions and Litigation Trusts,” published July 16, 2018, in the New York Law Journal.

The article explains the ins-and-outs of channeling injunctions and litigation trusts—powerful tools available in asbestos and mass-tort bankruptcies—from how they work to who can benefit from them to what factors debtors, tort claimants, and interested non-debtor companies might consider in weighing whether to use them.

“A court-approved channeling injunction can direct—or channel—tort claims to a litigation trust funded by participating parties. This device has been used in various mass-tort product liability cases, ranging from diet pills to portable gas canisters, delivering finality not just to debtors but to others in the product’s distribution chain,” the article states.

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