International Water Power & Dam Construction Magazine: Brace Yourself - A Flood of Water Lawsuits is Coming

September 11, 2020

O’Melveny Water Industry Group lawyers Matt Kline and Russ McGlothlin co-authored this International Water Power & Dam Construction article on severely decreased water levels in the western United States, dubbed a “megadrought” by researchers, which could lead to lawsuits across the country.

“Several factors are culminating to usher more water conflicts. In addition to general population growth, demand for water is ‘hardening.’ In many locations, farmers have converted annual crops to permanent crops of higher value, thus eliminating opportunities for periodic fallowing,” Kline and McGlothlin write. “Courts and regulatory agencies have increased restrictions on water diversions to protect environmental interests. And many urban centers have already tapped low-cost conservation measures, rendering it increasingly more difficult to accommodate population growth without increased demand. These supply and demand factors have increased the scarcity and value of water, thus raising the stakes and the motivation for legal battles to secure supplies. Regulatory efforts to manage over tapped water supplies may also foster conflicts.”

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The PDF of this article is courtesy of International Water Power & Dam Construction Magazine.