China-Based Hacking Case Against US M&A Firms Illustrates Cyber Security and Enforcement Issues

一月 11, 2017

In his latest post, published January 11, 2017, partner Ron Cheng describes the cybersecurity and enforcement issues illuminated by recent China-based hacking of US law firms for information related to pending US mergers and acquisitions transactions and insider trading on that information. "Law firms, financial institutions, advisors, and consultants in that region -- including those in China -- could very well be confronting issues similar to this case, as will law enforcement and other regulatory agencies in these various jurisdictions," Cheng concludes in the article.

Cheng handles both anti-corruption and data security and privacy matters and is co-located in O’Melveny’s Hong Kong and Los Angeles offices. He served for more than 22 years at the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California and as DOJ’s sole representative in the US Embassy in Beijing as Resident Advisor.