Relentless & Ridiculous: The New Normal of False Advertising Litigation (CLE Course Preview)

May 1, 2019

These days, manufacturers of nearly every consumer product under the sun are catching false advertising claims. If you make a consumer-facing product, the odds are, litigation like this is not a matter of if but when, which means, false advertising litigation is just another business risk to be managed, mitigated, and optimized. This course takes a closer look at the landscape, including the incentives of the players who bring these cases, and offers some practical advice and key considerations for how a business might implement some systems to manage this risk.

Presented by O’Melveny partner Hannah Chanoine, who defends and advises companies in a diverse range of class action matters in the trial and appellate courts.

Below is a two-minute preview of the 30-minute course. To watch the full course and for CLE credit information, please visit: