Communicating Feedback with Candor and Clarity

December 17, 2018

In this bylined article in, partner Jeeho Lee and director of attorney professional development Angie Wilks discuss the ways O’Melveny has approached the challenge of giving performance feedback. The firm utilizes The Situational Behavioral Impact (S-B-I) Model. This three-stop process aims to provide feedback “quickly, succinctly and in-the-moment.”

“We recognized there was a desire for more real-time feedback and realized how our culture was impacting the ways in which people communicate,” said Wilks. “To help us start moving the needle on this issue, we hosted a series of training modules designed to provide everyone at O’Melveny with the practical tools they need to engage in real-time feedback, strengthen relationships, and help each other develop professionally.”

Lee emphasized that building relationships with colleagues makes giving feedback an easier process. “After attending a partner-focused session, the concept of a relationship capital piggy bank really resonated with me. It makes sense that if you spend time building up ‘relationship capital,’ it will be easier and more comfortable to give and receive feedback.”