Global Funds Newsletter--Issue 2

April 12, 2011

Welcome to issue #2 of O'Melveny's Global Funds Newsletter. We hope you enjoyed issue #1, which was very well received by our clients and other valued contacts alike. As always, we welcome your feedback and do please let us know if there are any particular developments that you would like us to write about in a future issue: we will do our very best to oblige.

This issue covers a number of developments that we hope will be of interest to you. Articles include:

  • Should fund managers set up their operations in Hong Kong or Singapore? An article dealing with the tax implications of the two jurisdictions;
  • An overview of the recommendations that O'Melveny made on behalf of China Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, the Hong Kong Venture Capital Association and the Singapore Venture Capital Association submission to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the SEC’s proposed new rules relating to Investment Adviser Regulation; and
  • Insight into the Shanghai government's groundbreaking new rules regarding foreign invested RMB funds, which we helped to draft

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