Immigration Rights Group Fighting Back Against DOJ Threats

June 16, 2017

In his latest column for Above the Law, O’Melveny counsel David Lash discusses the mounting bipartisan opposition to recent government efforts to hinder access to justice.

“Even in these politically divisive times, party lines tend to disappear when the issue is access to justice for the poor and powerless,” Lash writes in the June 16, 2017, column, “Immigration Rights Group Fighting Back Against DOJ Threats.”

“Protecting access to the judicial branch of our government is tantamount to protecting a cornerstone of our democracy,” he continues. “So when such a basic precept of American values is trampled on, good people stand up from all over the political map.”

Lash helps oversee O’Melveny’s international pro bono program. He is based in the firm’s Los Angeles office.