Lawdragon: Lawyers as Essential Second Responders in Catastrophes

May 11, 2020

O’Melveny pro bono managing counsel David Lash authored this Lawdragon article discussing the legal community’s role during times of crisis.

“In times of catastrophe, lawyers generally are not key first responders. Instead, the legal community provides assistance not just shortly after the devastation occurs, but for months and even years into the future. After the headlines move on, the lawyers carry on,” Lash wrote. “During and after all of these past disasters the legal community has been an indispensable player. Never more so than later in the game. After floods and earthquakes, legal aid and pro bono attorneys helped with FEMA appeals, public benefits issues, evictions and foreclosures, and insurance claims. Lawyers working literally years on the inevitable and mind-boggling instances of fraud that arose when scammers invaded the impacted areas and stole houses, charged for repairs never completed, took life-savings, and made promises that robbed so many of so much hope.”

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