Lawfare: The Coronavirus Shows Why the US Must Make Pandemic Disease a National Security Priority

2月 7, 2020

O’Melveny Data Security and Privacy co-chair Lisa Monaco authored this Lawfare article, which discusses the national security threat posed by the Coronavirus, and how the United States can improve its preparedness for and response to pandemics.

“Pandemic disease poses one of the greatest threats to global stability and security,” Monaco wrote. “In responding to the coronavirus, the US should apply lessons learned from past transnational threats—but, unfortunately, in important respects, the federal government is moving in the wrong direction. That’s bad for the response to the coronavirus today and even worse for the nation’s readiness for the global health security threats that are coming ... If the US is to treat pandemic disease as the national security priority it should be, the government must improve in three areas: White House leadership and organization, US leadership in addressing pandemics on the global stage, and making sure policy is guided by facts, not alarmism.”

Read the article here.