The Day the Lawyer Jokes Died

February 10, 2017

In his latest column for Above the Law, O’Melveny partner David Lash highlighted the recent outpouring of pro bono support from the legal community following President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration.

“For the past two weeks, as attorneys from around the nation have poured into airports to assist immigrants caught in the crosshairs of a quickly implemented executive travel ban, people have been proud of their lawyers, families have been grateful for them, strangers have been feeding them,” Lash wrote in the February 10, 2017, piece “The Day the Lawyer Jokes Died.” “And none of those lawyers did what so often is the foundation of jokes and derision — they did not charge a fee to anyone, in any amount. Out of the chaos and panic that erupted, there has grown great appreciation for the legal community.”

Based in Los Angeles, Lash is O’Melveny’s Managing Counsel for Pro Bono and Public Interest Services, overseeing the firm’s national and international pro bono program.