Where Will The Needle Land? COVID-19 Contact Tracing v. Protecting Personal Privacy

June 1, 2020

O’Melveny special counsel Scott Pink and counsel John Dermody co-authored this bylined article discussing privacy concerns surrounding COVID-19 contact tracing, which appeared in both and Law Journal Newsletters.

“As states roll back stay-at-home orders, contact tracing has quickly emerged as an essential tool to manage the spread of the coronavirus and allow the country to return to work safely,” Pink and Dermody wrote. “Governments and businesses alike are considering how to leverage new technologies to make these efforts more effective by digitally monitoring our social interactions and physical locations — tracking, logging, storing, and sharing them — all for the greater good. But such innovative contact tracing methods raise a host of privacy concerns, forcing a reckoning with how we balance privacy and public health.” subscribers can read the full article here.