Barratt Co-Presents Workshop on Cross-Examination in International Arbitration

September 17, 2009
O'Melveny counsel James Barratt co-presented a workshop for the Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit (DIS 40) (German Arbitration Association) in Frankfurt, Germany on September 17. The workshop, entitled "Cross-Examination in International Commercial Arbitration," was aimed at training German international arbitration lawyers in the common law practice of cross-examination.  
Barratt's presentation included a mock cross-examination of a witness and an interactive discussion of that examination, followed by a discussion of the principles applicable to witness examination in international arbitration. The workshop, which follows on from Barratt's successful training session for the DIS 40 in Düsseldorf in May, was attended by over 40 international arbitration lawyers based in Frankfurt.