Bush to Speak at C5’s 4th Paris Edition on Anti-Corruption

October 19-20, 2011

partner Nathan Bush (BJ) is speaking at C5’s 4th Paris Edition on Anti-Corruption in Paris in October 2011.

Bush is leading a workshop entitled “Preserving Business Relationships and Tailoring Compliance Policies to Suit New Anti-Corruption Compliance Challenges in China.” The workshop will provide a comprehensive introduction to the new legislative frameworks implemented on May 1, 2011, and enforcement landscape and practical guidance on how to create a cost-effective and credible vetting system. Topics will include:

  • Review of China’s new anti-bribery and corruption laws and enforcement
  • What is considered as a “bribe” under the amended Chinese law?
  • What are the new compliance risks faced by European companies doing business in China as a result of the new legislation?
  • How will Chinese companies and operations be affected by the UK Bribery Act?
  • Performing a risk inventory of third parties to identify higher risk relationships: partners, agents, consultants, customs brokers, marketing and sales representatives, and other types of business associations
  • Developing adequate screening procedures
  • Setting expectations and limitations on third party duties and responsibilities early on
  • Using contractual provisions effectively to mitigate risks
  • Adapting training to local conditions: the importance of language and cultural issues
  • How your industry and China’s reputation for corruption affects the risk assessment process
  • Strengthening internal controls to detect and prevent bribery violations by third parties
  • Progress of FCPA investigations in China?

C5’s Forum on Anti-Corruption, Paris Edition is the annual event that consistently brings together a leading faculty of experienced in-house and private practice lawyers, compliance executives, and government officials who will provide the latest strategies to facilitate compliance with anti-corruption laws and mitigate damages should a violation occur.

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