Chopra to speak at American Conference Institute's 12th National Legal and Compliance Forum

July 30-31, 2012

O’Melveny partner Apalla Chopra (CA) will speak at the American Conference Institute's 12th National Legal and Compliance Forum on Privacy & Security of Consumer and Employee Information being held in San Fransisco, CA, July 30, 2012.

Apalla will be speaking speaking on the topic of "Company & Employee Use of Social Media: Using Social Media to Your Advantage While Maintaining Privacy and Protection" at 2:45pm.

Here is what the website says about Apalla's speech:

  • Privacy concerns involving social networking sites
    • The line between public and private life in the context of social media
    • Privacy implications for business use of social media
    • Special privacy considerations when dealing with location based data services
  • Company use of social media
    •  How to effectively use social media for business development
    • Collecting information via social media and legal pitfalls to avoid
  • Employee use of social media
    • Balancing social media access for business purpose and restricting personal use
    • Concerns of negative impact on the company from employee use of social media
  • Regulatory concerns and initiatives
    • Criminal history checks
    • Credit checks
    • Background checks on applicants and employees
  • How to craft the right policies and training to alleviate the latest regulatory concerns
    • Blogging and social networking policies
    • Proper employee training and policy enforcement

San Fransisco