Bush to Speak on “Competing in China: Antitrust, Anticorruption, & Industrial Policy”

January 14, 2010

O’Melveny partner Nathan Bush (BJ) will be giving a presentation entitled “Competing in China: Antitrust, Anticorruption, & Industrial Policy” at University of California, Berkeley - Boalt Hall School of Law on January 14, 2010.


China's leadership enters 2010 with a mammoth stimulus program onstream and mounting (often conflicting) pressures to restructure China's hybrid "command-market" system and its role in the global economy.  At the central government's disposal are new instruments such as the Antimonopoly Law, older tools such as the Law on Guarding State Secrets, and the state's tremendous influence over Chinese finance and commerce.  Foreign firms active in China face new regulatory challenges, from the antitrust obstacles of acquiring Chinese firms to the corruption risks of dealing with the state sector.  During this discussion, Bush will explore the intersection of China's evolving antitrust, anticorruption, trade, and industrial policies.