Dunn to Participate in ALI-ABA Webcast on Risk Factor Disclosure Reports

January 23, 2009
O'Melveny partner Marty Dunn will participate in ALI-ABA's webcast, "Current Issues in Drafting Risk Factors for 2009 SEC Filings," on January 23 from 12:00-2:30 pm Eastern Time. This webcast will examine effective drafting of risk factor disclosure for reports filed in 2009. Along with Dunn, two of ALI-ABA's most prominent speakers on securities law matters, Alan Berkeley and Robert Robbins, will participate on the panel.

In the past, disclosure of economic and market risks was relatively limited, but it is anticipated that this year companies will need to significantly expand disclosures. The panelists will address this topic as well as issues such as how an issuer's periodic reports present risk factor disclosure that refers to the overall market and economy, what its possible effects are on the issuer, and to what extent the state of the economy must be reviewed.

Live Webcast