ERISA 2020: The Evolving World - Part II

December 16, 2020

O’Melveny partner Shannon Barrett will speak at PLI’s ERISA 2020: The Evolving World - Part II virtual conference on December 16, 2020. The conference will bring experienced legal practitioners together for substantive discussions on the evolution of ERISA statutory and regulatory issues. 

Barrett will join the panel “ERISA Litigation,” which will analyze and discuss recent legislative developments. Topics will include:

  • Stock drop litigation
  • Insurance company litigation
  • Factors assessing fiduciary risk on the sponsor side
  • Participant and plan data cases
  • Excessive fee and proprietary fund cases

Barrett is a highly skilled litigator who concentrates his practice on ERISA-related litigation and on providing advice related to Title I of ERISA. He has been involved in litigating a broad range of ERISA matters at both the trial and appellate levels, with a particular focus on fiduciary issues.

Register for the conference here.