Fowler to Present at American Bar Association "Section of Science and Technology Law" Conference

August 1-4, 2012
O'Melveny partner Jeffrey Fowler (LA) is going to speak at the American Bar Association "Section of Science and Technology Law" Conference to be held in Chicago from August 1-4, 2012.

Jeff will be speaking on the topic of "Counsel or iCounsel: Ethical and Practical Considerations on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in E-Discovery." The topic is described as follows in the brochure:

"Exploding data volumes, new corporate and cloud document management systems and the merger of corporate and personal information technologies all contribute to an escalating discovery burden which affects litigation as never before, inhibiting access to justice, increasing regulatory and litigation risk and cost, and threatening the quality of All programs are taking place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago #scitech internal investigations. This program addresses the ethical implications and legal consequences of using “artificial intelligence” technologies to replicate human judgment in the search and review of electronic information and social media in the context of litigation and investigations. Do they work? Are they defensible? In addition to understanding ethical considerations and judicial perspectives regarding the use of technology to search for and produce electronic information, the audience will emerge better prepared to maximize defensibility and help clients contain costs in the face of electronic data challenges."

For more information, visit this link.