Johnson to Speak at CEB E-Discovery Seminar

8월 7, 2009

O’Melveny counsel Allan Johnson will be speaking at the CEB seminar, “Getting the Most Out of Discovery—Part I & II ” on August 7 in Los Angeles. 


This 6-hour seminar offered in two 3-hour segments will bring order and method to one’s pre-trial practice, providing practical and meaningful discovery techniques useful for both new and experienced practitioners.


Part I & II will focus on:

  • Discovery planning & organization
    • Case assessment: analyze issues, evidence and goals
    • Sequencing of discovery
    • Planning for pre-trial motions including in limine motions
    • Strengths & weaknesses of major discovery devices
    • Handling discovery disputes
    • Enforcing discovery requests
    • Hiring and consulting experts early
    • Containing costs
    • Informing & advising your client throughout the process

  • Your opposition
    • Looking for holes in the other sides case & making it a recurring theme in your discovery
    • Handling holes in our own case
    • Educating your opponent about the strengths in your case

Los Angeles