Longo to Present at Women In eDiscovery Educational Luncheon

June 25, 2009
O’Melveny partner Amy Longo will speak at Women in eDiscovery’s educational luncheon on June 25, held at LegalTech West Coast in Los Angeles. Longo’s presentation is entitled, “Breaking the Code: How Changing Technology Impacts Courts' Approaches to Electronic Discovery Disputes." The federal electronic discovery rules have been widely litigated since their enactment several years ago. As the 2006 Advisory Committee observed, the "rapidity of technological change" necessitates a flexible and evolving approach to ESI. The influence of new technologies and the law's adaptation to these developments are a recurring theme of courts' decisions in this arena. Longo will examine the key areas where advancements in how parties may conduct discovery are playing out in the courts' views on subjects ranging from reasonable accessibility and privilege protection to preservation and the avoidance of sanctions.

Los Angeles