O'Melveny Brussels Lawyers to Speak on Competition, Regulatory Investigation Readiness

September 30, 2009

O’Melveny Brussels partners Riccardo Celli and Christian Riis-Madsen as well as associate Siobhan Kahmann, will be speaking at upcoming conferences in September.


Celli will be speaking at the International Bar Association’s (IBA) 13th Annual Competition Conference on September 11-12 in Fiesole, Italy.  Topics of the conference include mergers, standard-setting and the Rambus case, the European competition network, and state aid in times of economic crisis.  Celli will be speaking in the conference’s first session, on mergers.  The session will bring together a team of experts from different jurisdictions to discuss whether merger control regimes have been, or should be, affected by the current economic crisis and government policies to resolve the crisis.


Riis-Madsen will be speaking at the International Quality and Productivity Centre’s (IQPC) Information Retention & E-Disclosure Management Exchange 2009, on September 30-October 1 in Brussels, Belgium.  Topics of the conference include the practicalities and pitfalls associated with the EU-arms of multi-national companies taking e-disclosure guidance from US headquarters; the laws that govern data privacy and how these can conflict with e-disclosure rulings; new cases from a European perspective including cases from companies such as Shell, Bayer, Intel, and Microsoft; cross border litigation challenges and ensuring litigation readiness; and protecting oneself against investigation from the US or other external countries.  Riis-Madsen’s panel is entitled “Effective Document Collection/Legal Hold Protocols” and will discuss regulatory investigation and litigation readiness.


Riis-Madsen, as well as Kahmann, will also be speaking at the 14th Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLaSF) Workshop: Reforming EC Competition Law on September 10 in London.  Their presentation is entitled “Taking Regulation 2790/1999 Online and into the Twenty-First Century.”