O’Melveny Hynix Team to Present at Association of Business Trial Lawyers

April 4, 2012


O’Melveny partners Tad Allan (LA), Susan Van Keulen (SV), Ken Nissly (SV), and Ken O’Rourke (LA) are presenting a discussion of their Hynix/Rambus trial victory to members of the Association of Business Trial Lawyers (ABTL) on April 4, 2012 in Orange Country, California.

The program is entitled, “Defense 9, Plaintiff 3: Winning Over the Jurors in the $12 Billion Rambus Antitrust Trial”.

O’Melveny represented Hynix Semiconductor Inc. in Rambus Inc. v. Micron Technology Inc., the antitrust case filed against Micron and Hynix by Rambus in connection with Rambus’ RDRAM proprietary memory technology. Rambus claimed that Hynix and co-defendant Micron Technology conspired to prevent RDRAM from becoming the standard computer memory technology in most all computers worldwide, and claimed US$3.95 billion in antitrust damages, which under California law arguably would have been automatically trebled to US$11.9 billion. O’Melveny achieved a critical victory for Hynix on November 16, 2011 when a San Francisco jury delivered a verdict in Hynix’s favor (9 votes to 3).

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