Parker to Speak at GCR's Antitrust Law Leaders' Forum 2011

February 3-5, 2011

partner Richard Parker (DC) will speak at Global Competition Review's Global Competition Review's "Antitrust Law Leaders' Forum 2011," to be held in Miami on February 3-5, 2011. This is a major international conference with leading speakers from Enforcement Agencies, Law Firms, Economic Consultancies and Business. The conference will focus on the areas of greatest concern in antitrust and will offer participants the choice of two concurrent streams – Mergers or Antitrust.

Parker's panel is entitled "Applying Unilateral Effects Analysis: Is market definition passé?" and will cover:

  • What role, if any, will market definition play in merger analysis
    under the revised US Horizontal Merger Guidelines?
  • Has use of upward pricing pressure tests by the UK’s OFT
    and by US Agencies made any material difference to the time
    frame for review, the information burden on the parties, or the
    Agencies’ ultimate decisions?
  • Will different merger standards emerge if courts fail to endorse
    the Guidelines’ approach, and what will this mean for the
    government’s ability to win a contested merger?

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