Snyder to Speak on the Practical Implications of Recent Federal Circuit Patent Cases

September 29, 2009
O’Melveny partner Darin Snyder will speak at a teleconference hosted by Law Seminars International on "Trends in Federal Circuit Patent Damages Decisions - Practical Implications of Recent Cases" on September 29. A series of recent Federal Circuit decisions will have a significant effect on the manner in which the damages portion of patent cases are tried.  Panelists, including Snyder, will discuss DePuy Spine Inc. v. Medtronic, and its findings regarding eligibility for lost profits, and Lucent v. Gateway which, along with Cornell v. Hewlett-Packard, addresses the standard of analysis required to determine a reasonable royalty and the availability of the entire market value rule. The program will also address developments in the i4i v. Microsoft matter, currently under appeal to the CAFC from the Eastern District of Texas.