Advances in the media and technology industries have been unparalleled, with accelerated convergence over the last decade, and increased demand for global scale. The new media landscape is dynamically shifting in real time and businesses must anticipate and react to innovations in technology in order to seize new opportunities and develop unique business models.

With in-house experience in the technology, media, retail, and financial services sectors, a storied history of entertainment dealmaking, and a thriving emerging companies practice, O’Melveny combines an understanding and passion for today’s cutting-edge technologies with the resources and experience of a international law firm to assist our clients in navigating the new realities and challenges arising from this shifting landscape. We counsel industry-leading clients on transactions that are transforming the media and technology landscape, including innovative deals that leverage the latest technologies and platforms to advance global strategic initiatives.

We help clients stay ahead of the curve by understanding the way technology influences business, and the impact of the media, entertainment, and technology convergence on the global consumer. Our team’s “in the trenches” experience and fluency in a broad range of products and services, from branding, IP licensing and tech development to interactive entertainment, online payments and data deals, consistently produce results and enhances our clients’ deals.

Our clients include industry-leading media start-ups, disruptive delivery platforms and technologies, major entertainment and media production companies, device manufacturers, crypto and blockchain leaders, top tier venture capital and private equity funds, and consumer-focused companies with significant digital media interests. Our broad range of experience provides us with an in-depth understanding of the challenges confronting each segment of the industry, and a unique perspective on strategies that support, monetize, grow, and protect our clients’ legal and business interests.