Our charitable commitment to the communities we serve runs long and deep at O’Melveny. Each year, globally, we support more than 200 nonprofit organizations. As a law firm with more than century-old roots in our communities, the heart and soul of our giving focuses on the areas that are most important to our clients and that are most meaningful to us as a law firm, as detailed below, including: (1) providing access to justice, education, and health care; (2) improving diversity and inclusion; and (3) supporting sustainability efforts.

  1. Providing Access: ensuring the poor and disenfranchised have equal access to justice, that disadvantaged students in our communities have access to higher education, scholarships, and mentorship; and that those in need have access to high quality health care;

  2. Improving Diversity and Inclusion: Focusing our diversity and inclusion efforts to build a better pipeline for underrepresented minorities to be successful in school, in their communities, and in their careers; and

  3. Supporting Sustainability Efforts: Providing financial support and legal assistance to organizations that are focused on assuring compliance with environmental, social, and governance best practices.