Doing right by our communities means taking care of the natural environment and resources we all share. It means being thoughtful about how our business practices impact those around us not just today, but for future generations. At O’Melveny, we take that to heart. That’s why we launched our Green Office Initiative—a focused effort to conserve resources and reduce the environmental impact of each of our global offices. It touches everything from energy conservation, recycling, and waste reduction within the firm to getting out into our communities to lend a hand to efforts to support sustainable use of natural resources. In 2007, we were one of the very first firms to be certified under the EPA/American Bar Association’s Waste Wise and Energy Conservation programs. From there, we made a broad array of improvements to our offices to make them more sustainable, including the use of water flow meters, motion detector-activated LED lighting, and renewable energy (exclusively wind power in NY).

Each of our offices has a green committee that creates a customized plan for the office and plans drives and events like our annual Earth Day celebrations, beach clean-up outings, and community garden plantings. Even our offices are playing a part, with about 75% of our US office buildings meeting the strict requirements set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification process, and our San Francisco office reaching LEED certification.