Technology and science are advancing by leaps and bounds with innovations such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, driverless cars, and drones transforming our economy. Innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors racing to capitalize on the market’s massive potential are looking for a law firm built to keep up.

O’Melveny helps drivers of this increasingly automated, robot-driven, digital economy stay nimble with legal counseling that takes into account how laws and regulations are adapting to address the opportunities and risks of doing business in this new world.

Our lawyers stay abreast of the latest industry standards and trends to provide the most current and applicable advice on issues as diverse as risk management, regulatory compliance, government relations, business deals, and litigation.

Artificial Intelligence
AI is at the forefront of this emerging economy thanks to advances in machine learning, supported by cloud computing resources and widespread web-based data gathering. While AI promises to deliver important benefits, it also raises legal concerns of interest to regulators and consumers. Our lawyers help clients assess AI’s impact on issues such as data privacy, consumer protection, workforce reductions, and the scope of liability for products and services supported by artificial intelligence.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality hold the allure of escapism, but there is no escaping legal reality. Our lawyers handle a variety of VR matters, including hardware, software, gaming, e-sports, and high-profile entertainment and media attractions and events. Our work involves intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, finance, content, distribution, licensing, corporate, and labor and employment issues.

Autonomous and Connected Cars
With the transportation industry poised for a driverless revolution, we are established authorities on the latest legal and regulatory developments in the autonomous car field. We have represented autonomous vehicle clients in various transactions and in their interactions with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and departments of motor vehicles. Our team has experience with autonomous adjacent technologies, as well, including vision-based advanced driver assistance and cellular communications systems for connected cars.

Digital Health
Major advances in digital health technology such as mobile medical apps, wireless medical devices, and telemedicine are helping better serve patients whenever and wherever they need it. O’Melveny guides industry players through this sector’s highly regulated and evolving legal environment. Our ranks include former scientists with advanced degrees in chemistry and biology, former life-science industry regulators with an in-depth understanding of the stringent regulatory regimes, and boardroom-level counselors with strong ties to the entrepreneurs, scientists, and venture capital firms that drive innovation in the health care sector.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the potential of drones and other unmanned aircraft systems to improve methods of inspection and monitoring across industries. Avoiding turbulence, however, requires a keen understanding of the relevant legal and regulatory requirements. For more than 50 years, O’Melveny has swooped in to help the biggest names in the aviation industry address their most critical issues. We combine our industry strength with regulatory knowledge to advise UAS clients on the best course of action. Our practice counsels on UAS state and federal regulation, including FAA policy, privacy and data security, intellectual property, product liability risk, and corporate transactions.
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