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Obtain Dismissal of ERISA Lawsuit Against My Company

O’Melveny helped free Fidelity Management Trust Co. from a class action brought by investors who alleged that the company charged excessive fees and implemented an unduly conservative strategy in one of its flagship stable-value funds offered to 401(k) plans.


Support Future Leaders in Our Communities

Be a Great Place To Work

O’Melveny was named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials, based on surveys with nearly 400,000 millennial employees across the United States.


Spot Key Cybersecurity Issues

Exceed Our Client’s Diversity Expectations

Bank of America named O’Melveny to receive its law firm diversity and inclusion award, recognizing the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and its support of the Bank’s diversity and inclusion goals.


Podcast: HHS Issues Cyber Report