...we care.

We care about our clients, each other, and our communities. We work together to drive groundbreaking deals and win precedent-setting cases while shaping careers and giving back to the communities where we work and live.

...we help our clients succeed.

We regularly win awards for our innovative legal work, but our greatest triumphs come from helping clients find new ways to solve problems and reach their objectives.

...you shape your career.

At O’Melveny we have the mindset, programs, and resources to help attorneys and staff build the career they want. We know that each individual will aspire to or seek something different from their career journeys.

...we are curious.

O’Melveny is a community of life-long learners. Curiosity and client service fuel a continuous quest for knowledge.

...we innovate.

Our lawyers thrive on the challenges that our clients present and finding new ways to solve them. Our staff thrives on creating solutions that put O’Melveny at the forefront of technology, knowledge management, project management, talent development, and other areas.

… we are transparent.

We expect our leaders to provide frequent and honest communication about the state of the firm and plans for the future. We expect transparency from each other in the form of frank and timely feedback offering praise and constructive criticism.