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The Cramdown Podcast: Understanding Brazilian Bankruptcy Law—Opportunities, Innovations, and Impact

November 16, 2020

Brazil’s recently reformed bankruptcy law embraces more modern principles of corporate restructurings. In Episode 3 of O’Melveny’s restructuring podcast, The Cramdown, Antonio Affonso Mac Dowell Leite de Castro and Marcos Leite de Castro of the leading Brazilian law firm Mac Dowell, Melo & Leite de Castro Advogados join O’Melveny partners John Rapisardi and Joe Zujkowski to discuss this recent shift. Antonio and Marcos offer insights on how Brazilian bankruptcy law compares to US law, why it should be important to investors outside Brazil, and how it will play a part in the recovery of Brazil’s economy in the wake of the global pandemic.

Providing timely insights for borrowers and lenders at a time of heightened economic uncertainty, The Cramdown podcast analyzes the latest industry and legal trends in today’s distressed economy. Restructuring practice chair John Rapisardi and partner Nancy Mitchell welcome guests to share practical insights on the many challenges affecting businesses and investors during economic disruptions.

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