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Daily Journal: O’Melveny Partner Anna Pletcher named to Daily Journal’s 2021 “Top Antitrust Lawyers” List

November 17, 2021


O’Melveny partner Anna Pletcher has been named among the Daily Journal’s 2021 “Top Antitrust Lawyers.” The list features the publication's selection of the top 27 antitrust lawyers practicing in California. The publication highlighted Pletcher, along with O’Melveny partner Michael Tubach, currently defending an executive accused of price-fixing broiler chickens sold at grocery stores and restaurants. “It’s unusual for criminal antitrust cases to go to trial,” Pletcher said. She told the Daily Journal that a large part of her practice this past year has centered around the Justice Department’s increased attention to areas including price-fixing as well as wage-fixing and no-poach cases. “I have clients who are very concerned about litigating their risk in that area,” she said in describing no-poach agreements. Pletcher is also representing a music performing rights organization, Global Music Rights, in a price fixing case against a consortium of 10,000 radio stations; one of the nation’s largest multinational consumer electronics and software companies on discovery in litigation about application marketplaces; an esports client in a DOJ investigation; and Fannie Mae on antitrust compliance materials. 

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