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Daily Journal: O’Melveny Partner Stephen McIntyre named to Daily Journal’s 2021 “Top Antitrust Lawyers” List

November 17, 2021


O’Melveny partner Stephen McIntyre has been named among the Daily Journal’s 2021 “Top Antitrust Lawyers.” The list features the editor's selection of the top 27 antitrust lawyers practicing in California. The publication highlighted McIntyre’s wealth of knowledge in antitrust doctrine, saying it is that of a “technical expert,” and his incoming position as an editor of the California Lawyers Association’s antitrust journal, Competition.  He played a key role on the O’Melveny team that successfully defended Samsung Bioepis Co., Ltd in an antitrust battle over Humira, a drug that treats arthritis and generates almost US$50 billion a year in sales. The plaintiffs claimed that the creator of the drug, AbbVie Inc., forced “would-be makers of biosimilars” to suspend their market entry through various tactics. “The judge sided with us in our key arguments,” McIntyre said. “The settlements at issue between AbbVie and the biosimilar manufacturers were not reverse payments subject to the antitrust laws. If the biosimilar defendants had not settled with AbbVie, they would have had to fight through more than 100 AbbVie patents to get to market. The settlements actually accelerated biosimilar competition.” The Daily Journal also noted McIntyre’s “knockout blows” he delivered in Jones v. Micron Technology Inc., where Samsung was accused of colluding in the Dynamic Random Access Memory industry. 

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