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Associated Press: 4-Month Trial in Lawsuit Over Public School Funding Wraps

March 10, 2022

Katrina Robson, an attorney for the petitioners in a case over how Pennsylvania funds its public schools, gave closing arguments yesterday after a four-month long trial. The petitioners, which include six school districts, some parents, and two organizations, allege that the state’s current public school funding model denies students of the education standards mandated by Pennsylvania's constitution. “Sadly, as the facts in this case have shown, ensuring that those promises are kept has now fallen to the courts,” Robson said. “Suggesting that this disaster is because children ignore opportunities allows us to put their failure at their feet rather than the General Assembly’s. Black children, Latino children, low-income children” all have “the same natural work ethic. The same natural intelligence. The same hopes, the same dreams.”

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