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Institute for Well-Being in Law: What’s Working Well In Law Firm Well-Being Programs?

May 20, 2021

O’Melveny’s ranking as the #1 law firm for wellness by Vault.com was highlighted by the Institute for Well-Being in Law in a May 2021 feature article on the most effective law firm well-being programs.

Mary Ellen Connerty, O’Melveny’s Director of Diversity and Engagement, spoke to the Institute about the firm’s Living Well Program for lawyers and staff, which was shaped through a “high-touch, interactive approach” involving “ongoing conversations and responsive actions.”

In outlining the specific factors she believes were integral to delivering a responsive and well-received program, Connerty cited the firm’s partnership with I M Human to offer a series of workshops that helped employees feel heard, seen and less isolated in their own well-being challenges, and its collaboration with Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA) to offer tailored programs and access to trained clinicians for support in coping with the pandemic, racial violence, and other stressors. 

Connerty also noted that visible support from firm leaders, including the consistent presence of Chief Operating Officer George Demos, instilled confidence and increased engagement throughout the firm. 

And perhaps most importantly, she explained, O’Melveny was able to continually observe the shifting needs of its community through confidential Pulse Surveys, specifically designed to provide a safe space for open and honest conversation.

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