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Law360: DOJ Antitrust Alum Rejoins O’Melveny As Partner

February 22, 2021


Law360 reported that Julia Schiller, former member of the US Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division front office, has rejoined O’Melveny in Washington, DC.

“Schiller will guide clients through merger reviews while also handling government antitrust conduct probes and enforcement actions, compliance obligations, and designing corporate compliance programs,” the publication reported.

O’Melveny Antitrust and Competition Practice co-chairs Ian Simmons and Ben Bradshaw expressed it was a privilege to welcome Schiller back. “Her time in the front office will prove invaluable to our clients,” Simmons said. “Julia’s great qualities are particularly timely and relevant as the country and its enforcers are likely to embark on a period of heightened antitrust discourse and scrutiny.”

“As someone who has worked side by side with the DOJ staff in the most complex merger clearance, regulatory and investigations work, Julia will bring our clients a rare level of experience to help guide their prospective transactions and compliance issues,” Bradshaw added.

Schiller told the publication she spent a lot of time watching advocates in front of the division and noted one lesson in particular: “It’s so important to be straightforward with the agencies about the facts,” she shared.

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