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Law360: Ex-Pence Adviser, O’Melveny Partner On White House Years

April 9, 2021

Employment and benefits litigator Greg Jacob, will rejoin O’Melveny next month following his advisor role to former Vice President Mike Pence. The article noted Jacob’s “way with timing,” because he joined the Bush administration two weeks before 9/11 and the Trump administration a week before the coronavirus pandemic was declared a national emergency. Jacob recounts anecdotes from his storied years in government in this exclusive interview with Law360. “Law360: So, you joined the Trump administration as a legal adviser to Vice President Mike Pence in March 2020. How did that happen? Jacob: The vice president’s chief counsel was leaving to take on different responsibilities, so he needed a chief counsel. I think my background made me a particularly good fit. I had served at the White House in the Bush administration. I ended up starting at the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel right before 9/11 and doing justice and immigration policy at the White House during the immigration debate in 2007. I also worked as the deputy solicitor of labor and the solicitor of labor.”

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