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Law360: High Court To Hear Speech Battle Over Austin Billboard Rule

June 28, 2021

The US Supreme Court has decided to hear a “First Amendment challenge to an Austin, Texas, city ordinance barring certain types of digital billboards,” Law360 reported. Per city code, only billboards that are on the premises of a business can be digital. 

In a statement, the city said that it welcomed the opportunity to address the US Supreme Court because “cities all across the country, including Austin, must grapple with balancing the public policy needs of ensuring traffic safety and protecting local aesthetic values while also allowing ample room for free speech in advertising.” The city added that it looks forward to explaining “why what we've done achieves the correct balance.”

O’Melveny partner, Michael R. Dreeben and Renea Hicks of Law Office of Max Renea Hicks represent Austin in this matter.

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