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Law360: O’Melveny Brings Back Ex-Pence Adviser And Labor Litigator

April 8, 2021

Former partner Greg Jacob is set to return to O’Melveny as a labor and employment and financial services litigator following a year of public service, this article reported. Jacob, former Solicitor of Labor during the George W. Bush administration, returned to government in March 2020 as counsel to then-Vice President Pence, advising on a range of matters, including those related to the White House Coronavirus Task Force and Electoral College certification. 

“After an eventful year of public service, I am delighted to be returning home to O'Melveny,” Jacob said. “There is no better place to practice law, and I look forward to bringing my new experience to bear in helping clients solve their most complex problems.”

“We’re delighted to welcome Greg back to the firm,” said firm chairman Brad Butwin. “We applaud him for his government service at the highest level and know that our clients will benefit from his keen insight into this fast-changing and complex area of the law.”

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