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Law360: O’Melveny Nabs Energy Dealmaker From King & Spalding

November 18, 2021


Attorney Monica Hwang, who specializes in financing liquefied natural gas projects, has joined O’Melveny as a partner in its project development and energy industry groups. Hwang told Law360 that she made the move for a number of reasons. “From an international perspective, which is a big part of my practice, and seeing what’s going on in Asia and with O’Melveny’s reputation in Asia, I know that will be helpful for me,” she said. O’Melveny corporate department co-chair Eric Richards said that Hwang adds knowledge to the firm’s energy project finance team. “She brings to us experience in parts of the sector where we didn’t have a depth of experience previously. LNG in particular, but also things like [liquefied petroleum gas] and hydro energy,” Richards said. Hwang noted that recently, she has dabbled in green hydrogen and carbon sequestration projects. “I have advised a client on a team with respect to carbon sequestration,” she said. “What I think I bring to the market on that is fundamental project development skills and having worked on other innovative technologies such as compressed-air energy storage.”

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