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Law360: These Firms Are The 2022 Prestige Leaders

December 5, 2022

Law360 released its list of 2022 Prestige Leaders, a “ranking of law firms that are first-in-class when it comes to legal industry cachet.” The rankings are constructed using “four indicators of reputation and prestige: financial health, attractiveness to attorneys, the awards they have won for the depth and breadth of their legal work, and positive media representation.” O’Melveny & Myers LLP was ranked #14 overall among all law firms, and #12 overall among firms with 601+ attorneys. Additionally, O’Melveny ranked #26 in financial performance, #13 in desirability, #18 in editorial awards, and #34 in news sentiment among firms with 601+ attorneys. Law360’s methodology, which details the measures they use to evaluate prestige can be found here.

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