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Law360: Top Biden Aide Brings Crisis Skills To New O’Melveny Post

April 20, 2023

O’Melveny announced earlier this week that former White House chief of staff Ron Klain has rejoined the firm as a partner, splitting time between Washington, DC and New York. Klain, who was previously an O’Melveny partner from 1999-2004, will lead the firm’s Strategic Counseling and Crisis Management Practice. “The firm’s clients face a lot of challenges in areas where legal disputes and public policy and public relations come together,” Klain said. “And that's the kind of thing I worked on when I was here before. That could include legal and policy topics like the role of artificial intelligence, changes in health care and the implications of the transition to a cleaner energy economy. All these things are very much front and center in the business community, in the legal community and the policy community, and hopefully my experience will allow me to offer advice on how to navigate all this.”

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