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Law.com What’s Next: In-House Leader for Twitter, eBay and StubHub Joins O’Melveny

January 5, 2021

Former in-house counsel for Twitter, eBay, and StubHub Tod Cohen has joined O’Melveny as a partner in the Washington, DC office.

While Cohen enjoyed his time as an in-house lawyer, he told Law.com he “found that the issues that matter to clients, the most difficult, most challenging, most cutting-edge legal issues are handled by outside counsel,” adding that “O’Melveny was the place where the opportunity existed to do that on behalf of existing and future clients.”

Cohen noted that the pandemic and the global exposure it creates for clients are leading law firms to beef up their data privacy and security practices. “For example, on data privacy, data protection, Europe with its GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] and California passing the CCPA [California Consumer Privacy Act] and CCPA 2.0, the globalization of many of the issues is really very hard to do in-house.”

“Tod was ‘present at the creation’ of now-foundational internet law and has been a lead actor both in crafting key regulatory frameworks and helping multibillion-dollar tech giants devise global strategies for compliance, risk management and growth,” stated C. Brophy Christensen, co-chair of O’Melveny’s Corporate department.

O’Melveny chair Bradley Butwin added that Cohen will give the firm’s clients “a powerful advantage in building and defending innovative internet businesses during an era of unprecedented regulatory scrutiny.”

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