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Mergers & Acquisitions: Design, Engineering Companies to Benefit from Potential Infrastructure Bill

July 22, 2021


Mergers & Acquisitions included quotes from O’Melveny partners Eric Richards and Elizabeth Dubeck in a second article taking a deeper look at an earlier interview with the pair in which they discussed the Biden’s administration’s infrastructure bill and the sizable opportunities it may present for investors and corporations.

Dubeck observed that the administration’s “directive to make projects more environmentally friendly” combined with the proposed allocation of US$579 billion to public ventures such as bridge maintenance and construction should provide substantial opportunities for “companies that can facilitate environmental compliance across projects.” 

Richards pointed out the prospects for operations and logistics companies. “An airport is really an enterprise,” he said, adding: “Governments don’t always run enterprises well but a lot of companies do. You’ll see a lot of upstarts in the US focused on operations, growing opportunities there.”

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